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BU-SHIP Flex ShaftThe S.S. White® Flexible Reach Rod Assemblies are designed as a modern alternative to the BU-SHIP type for manual or intermittent power low speed applications. These reach rods are far stronger due to an exclusive manufacturing process, permitting the use of smaller diameter reach rods, reducing system weight without compromising strength.

The reach rods are completely self sealed, and are more easily installed. They are designed to connect to standard Rigid Rod components, which are less complicated and less expensive than their BU-SHIP Flex Shaft counterparts. A variety of end fitting sizes are available in male and female versions. Each assembly is constructed with a high strength steel core and is encased in a tough, watertight Hytrel® coated steel casing.
Flexible Reach Rod

All S.S. White® Flexible Reach Rods are manufactured to comply with MIL-S-16059B and can be directly connected to a variety of control components such as deck boxes, remote operators, gearboxes and valve couplings. Clamps are available and must be used to support the reach rods and reduce deflection.


Flexible Reach Rod Assembly Specifications
BFG # Core Dia. Clamp # Min. Bend Radius
VCFX-4100 3/8” VCFX-2101 10”
VCFX-4200 5/8” VCFX-2201 12”
VCFX-4300 1” VCFX-2301 18”


These reach rods are manufactured by BFG Marine, Inc., an independently operated company, under license from S.S. White Technologies Inc.